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MN men file lawsuits against former Boy Scouts leader


Two more Minneapolis men are filing lawsuits against their former Twin Cities area Boy Scouts leader.

The victims – referred to as John Doe 157 and 158 – claim their Columbia Heights Scoutmaster abused them in the 1970s, according to a press release from Noaker Law Firm.

Noaker filed the first of the two lawsuits Monday for John Doe 157. The 53-year-old man claims his leader sexually abused him in the 1970s. The scoutmaster told the Pioneer Press the claims were false and that he'd never heard of the allegations until Monday.

John Doe 158 filed a lawsuit Tuesday, detailed in an email news release, following the leader's comments.

"I could not stand by and watch our former Boy Scout leader deny that he had sexually abused boys in our Boy Scout Troop. What happened to me was wrong and it has caused me significant pain over the years. I stand along with my childhood friend [John Doe 157] to say 'enough is enough.' Stop the secrets and stop abusing children," said John Doe 158.

Noaker is representing other former Minnesota scouts who are accusing their leaders of sexual abuse.  According to their press release, nearly a dozen Minnesotans – including Jim McDonough, chairman for the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners – have filed similar lawsuits.

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