The MN mom who sued her transgender kid just got her lawsuit thrown out

The judge said nobody had deprived the mom of her parental rights.

A U.S. court has rejected a Minnesota mother's lawsuit over her teenager's transition from male to female.

Anmarie Calgaro sued her 17-year-old child, as well as a St. Louis County health official, two medical clinics, and the teenager's school district and principal, claiming they had deprived Calgaro of her parental rights.

The teenager, who now uses a female name with initials EJK, had received hormone therapy without Calgaro's consent. The clinics and the school district had also refused to turn over her child's medical and educational records to Calgaro, she said.

But Judge Paul Magnuson ruled Tuesday that nobody had taken away Calgaro's rights as a parent. Magnuson's ruling (read it here) says Calgaro still has legal custody over EJK and only a court could take that away.

Minnesota law allows minors who are living apart from their parents to get medical care without a parent's consent. EJK will turn 18 in July.

Moved out at age 15

Tuesday's ruling includes some background about the case. It says EJK moved out of Calgaro's northeastern Minnesota home in 2015 – living at first with her father and then with other relatives and friends before getting her own apartment.

In an interview with NBC News earlier this year, EJK said she came out as gay when she was 13 and after that her mother and stepfather became abusive.

EJK said her mom had given her permission to move in with her dad, but after he was sent to prison she began moving around.

At the time of the interview in January, NBC said EJK was on track to graduate from high school this spring, was working a full-time job, and had been accepted to two colleges to study nursing.

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