MN Muslims offer support to Jewish community in large newspaper ad

Muslim groups around the Twin Cities put an ad in the paper to offer support to the Jewish community.

Muslim organizations around the Twin Cities came together to put an ad in Friday's paper expressing their support to the Jewish community.

This comes after a spike in anti-Semitic acts around the metro area and Minnesota.

According to the Star Tribune – where the ad ran – it took up half of a page on the back of the local news section.

It's addressed to Minnesota's Jewish community and begins, "Dear Friends, we extend our sincere sympathies."

It goes on to recognize the "cowardly acts of hate" – including vandalism and bomb threats – that have been occurring throughout the Twin Cities.

"These acts of hate are not only against the Jewish Community, but against all people and the values we hold as Americans."

The ad says the Muslim community extends its support and prayers, because hateful acts "have no place in our American society."

At the bottom are 22 Islamic groups and organizations that support the ad. However, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Minnesota says there are plenty more groups that aren't listed but still offer their support.

Recent hate and bias crimes

Earlier this week, a Jewish center in St. Paul was evacuated due to a bomb threat. No bombs or dangerous devices were found at the Jewish Community Center, though.

Dozens of centers around the county have been evacuated due to similar threats.

Also this week, the University of Minnesota recognized an uptick in anti-Semitic incidents over the past two months, calling it "abhorrent and alarming."

Politicians like Keith Ellison and President Donald Trump have also spoken out against the hateful acts.

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