MN parents concerned about soldier son missing from Army base


A soldier whose family lives in Minnesota has gone missing from an Army base, and his parents fear he may be struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder.

A veteran of the war in Afghanistan, U.S. Army specialist Daniel Domres, 20, went missing from Fort Carson in Colorado on May 11, and is considered absent without leave, according to his family's GoFundMe page.

His parents Julie and Tom, who moved to St. Louis Park, Minnesota from Oswego, Illinois in 2012, have been appealing for information in both Colorado and around Chicago. They think he may head back to Illinois because he has friends there.

In an appeal on the Missing Warrior Alert Facebook page, it says Domres was seen walking away from the base after saying he needed to use the restroom, and then reportedly received a ride from the area after making a phone call.

Julie Domres, who owns Julia's Blooms in St. Louis Park, told ABC 7 in Chicago more about the circumstances of her son leaving the Army base.

She said: "On Monday of last week he missed formation. They went and they found him and he was drunk and they brought him in for testing and he was able to walk out of there and hasn't been seen since."

"We're concerned about his safety, that he is going to hurt himself, he is not in the right mind," she added. "Danny, we love you, we are trying desperately to find you."

Only Oswego reports that Domres had been doing well since returning from a recent tour of Afghanistan, but then started having trouble after being transferred to Fort Carson from Fort Knox, in Kentucky.

"This is really out of character for him," his mother told the website. "Everything's kind of gone downhill since he got transferred."

Daniel Domres is described as 5 foot, 9 inches tall, 155 pounds and was last seen wearing an Army Combat Uniform.

Anyone with information can call St. Louis Park police on 952-924-2618. Alternatively, call 612-718-233 or 630-200-6766. Tips can be left anonymously by calling 1-800-660-4025.

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