MN woman dies in crash during mother-daughter trip to Jamaica


A 32-year-old Minnesota woman has died in a bus crash during a vacation in Jamaica, the Jamaica Observer says. 

Crystal Glewwe was the wife of a Substance Church pastor in the Twin Cities area, according to a post by the church's lead pastor, Peter Haas. It says she and her 9-year-old daughter were on a mother-daughter cruise.

The Monsterrat Reporter says they had taken a trip to swim with dolphins and were riding a bus back to the ship when it crashed on Thursday. A truck traveling in the opposite direction hit the bus, the Jamaica Observer reports.

The Jamaica Observer says several passengers were injured and taken to the Falmouth Hospital. Glewwe's daughter was among those who were injured. According to Substance Church, she had to have surgery.

The church says Glewwe's husband, Rick Glewwe, flew to Jamaica and is to return to Minnesota on Saturday. They have four children.

Peter Haas writes on Substance Church's website that a memorial fund will be set up.

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