MnSCU changed its nickname because people don't know what it is


Do you know what MnSCU is?

If your answer is "no," then that's exactly the reason why the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system decided to change its nickname.

From now on, the state college group will be known as "Minnesota State," it announced Tuesday.

Board chair Michael Vekich gave a damning summary of the "MnSCU" name, saying:

"Research has shown that the vast majority of Minnesotans – including prospective students, parents, and community leaders – don’t know what ‘MnSCU’ means or how our state colleges and universities are different from other higher education institutions."

BringMeTheNews ran an (unscientific, just-for-fun) Twitter poll Wednesday morning asking followers how many people knew what MnSCU stood for – and about three-quarters of them actually do know what it means. (That still means about 1 in 4 don't know, though.)

The new name will start being introduced in July by being updated on letterheads, mailers and websites, while campuses will implement the change over the next two years.

The college system – the fifth largest higher education system in the United States – will retain MnSCU for its legal name (which is how it's referred to in state statute).

Minnesota State comprises 37 colleges and universities with nearly 400,000 students.

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