MnSCU tuition hike request met with skepticism from lawmakers


Minnesota State Colleges and Universities leaders want lawmakers to boost tuition in the statewide system by 3 percent in each of the next two years.

But an analysis in St. Cloud Times suggests that request may be in for a bumpy ride. At a hearing on higher education legislators told MnSCU adminisrators that rising tuition has become a deepening concern in the past decade. Lawmakers questioned the salaries and bonuses for MnSCU administrators. Many MnSCU administrators outearn the governor.

MnSCU officials say state funding cuts during the past decade have forced the system to boost tuition to maintain quality of instruction.

In 2002, state funding covered roughly two-thirds of the cost of a MnSCU education, with students paying about one-third of the cost in tuition. By 2013, that ratio has almost reversed, with students paying about 60 percent of the cost of their education and the state paying less than 40 percent.

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