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MNsure asks 1,000 people to redo applications amid website glitches


About 1,000 MNsure users are being asked to start over with their applications if they want to obtain federal tax credits to reduce their health insurance costs starting next year, the Pioneer Press reports.

The big catch is the users must redo their applications by Dec. 23 amid website and call center problems in order for their insurance to take effect Jan. 1.

The Pioneer Press says the applicants were initially informed that they weren't entitled to the tax credits – a problem MNsure disclosed in November.

Getting online to reapply, however, was an apparent problem Monday.

According to Detroit Lakes online, people wanting to use the MNsure website were greeted with the message, "We are currently experiencing issues with new applications requesting 1/1/14 plan coverage. We are working to resolve this issue."

In addition, the Pioneer Press reports, people who are put on hold by MNsure's call center have been automatically disconnected after 60 minutes.

A MNsure spokesman told the paper that the disconnections are "a state standard for state-run call centers" and that the agency was in talks to adjust the threshold.

The latest MNsure issue comes on the heels of a KSTP report about MNsure chief April Todd-Malmlov taking a vacation in Costa Rica in November with Minnesota Medicaid Director James Golden.

Critics questioned the timing of the two-week trip since MNsure was scrambling to fix glitches and rollout problems with the recently launched online health insurance marketplace.

The Associated Press reports that GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Honour is calling for Todd-Malmov's resignation in the wake of the report.

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