MNsure hits enrollment milestone


Although enrollment in the state's online health insurance exchange continues to lag behind expectations, more than 100,000 Minnesotans have now enrolled for health insurance through MnSure, the state's online exchange.

The Associated Press reported that MNsure announced the six-figure enrollment milestone on Friday. The landmark number was realized as another significant deadline nears. Under the federal health care law, individuals must sign up for coverage by the end of March or face federal tax penalties, meaning that open enrollment ends on March 31.

The Business Journal reports that MNsure officials point out that errors at the online exchange website are now at 5 percent, down from last fall's high of 17 percent. In addition, wait times have dropped to one to five minutes, compared to an hour or longer on call center lines in December.

In a statement, MnSure's executive director indicated that's evidence that some of the early problems, delays and technical glitches have been resolved. “With the help of MNsure, more than 100,000 individuals and families now have the quality health insurance they need at prices they can afford,” MNsure interim CEO Scott Leitz said in a news release.

There are fewer people signed up with private plans than had been anticipated. Of the 101,344 total enrollments, 31,088 are enrolled in private health plans, 21,574 are enrolled in MinnesotaCare and 48,682 are signed up with Medical Assistance.

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