MNsure may need more funding

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MNsure is coming under more scrutiny from legislators and Gov. Dayton, according to many media sources. The StarTribune quotes Gov. Mark Dayton admitting Friday that MNsure fell far short of the mark but saying it was not "for lack of intent or professional desire."

While the legislative auditor investigates and legislators conduct inquiries, Minnesotans continue to have problems and officials are troubleshooting the site on the fly.

The company hired to lead the effort, Reston, Va.-based Maximus, has been asked to pull back. Questions are being raised about whether that decision is doing more harm than good.

More information is expected when Optum, the United Health Group subsidiary contracted by the state to assess the mess, releases its report next week.

The Associated Press reports that MNsure officials are saying they might need additional funds because enrollment in private insurance programs has been lower than forecast, only 85 percent of the lowest projections. Expenses have been higher than predicted because of all the problems.

MNsure's initial funding came mostly from the federal government, but ongoing costs are supposed to be covered by a 1.5 percent tax on private insurance sold through the exchange.

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