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MNsure rates to vary by location


What someone pays for health insurance as a part of the MNsure system will vary simply by where the person lives.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that the differences in the cost of premiums in MNsure are quite noticeable. The costs of plans are less expensive for those that live in the Twin Cities than for those that live in rural Minnesota. In some cases, those costs could be nearly double.

State officials say the variation in premiums will be moderated, if not eliminated, by the tax credits available to consumers from the federal government, so the gap between the two could disappear. The tax credit threshold for MNsure is just over $94,000 dollars for a family of four, and about $46,000 for an individual.

The executive director of MNsure, April Todd-Malmlov, points to the differences in the health care market in the Twin Cities versus rural Minnesota. She says there are a lot of providers and integrated networks in the metro area creating more competition, compared to rural Minnesota where there are fewer doctors and providers.

MNsure has advertised having the lowest rates of any of the exchanges in the country, to this point. But that is by using the Twin Cities rates.

It has been a tough week for MNsure, first with significant reaction to the lack of African-American groups that received funding to help get people signed up. Then the news about the private data breach of state insurance agents.

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