Mom gets 4 months in prison for trying to suffocate son


A Ramsey County judge has ordered a 25-year-old Litchfield woman to spend four months in prison for attempting to suffocate her infant son by pinching the 5-month-old's nose shut, the Pioneer Press reports.

Judge Judith Tilsen also issued a stern order for Katie Elaine Lewis to get help for her disorder known as Munchausen-by-proxy syndrome, the newspaper reports Those who suffer from the disorder, often parents who hurt their kids, are known to harm others in order to get sympathy for themselves, according to the Mayo Clinic.

"I'm very concerned," the judge said. "You need some treatment. This is a very serious disorder that you have."

Lewis has said she did not remember the May 2 incident, which was recorded by surveillance cameras at Children's Hospital in St. Paul, the Pioneer Press reports.

A hospital staffer stopped the assault after about 45 seconds, during which the baby kicked frantically and went limp, the Pioneer Press reported last year.

Lewis' children are in their father's custody. The McLeod County attorney's office filed a court petition to permanently terminate Lewis' parental rights, but a judge disagreed, the Pioneer Press reported. The court has said county officials must make reasonable efforts to determine if Lewis could be reunited with the children, the Pioneer Press says. Lewis has not seen Carson since the incident, the newspaper reported.

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