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Mom of teen rescued from burning home thanks 5-year-old for sounding alarm


If you've ever been pestered by a 5-year-old you know they can be pretty insistent.

This is the story of one little kiddo in St. Paul whose persistence started a domino effect of heroism that wound up saving a life.

When Shayna Yang's father tried to tell her the smoke she smelled was probably from a fire pit, she wouldn't accept that answer and insisted he investigate, the Pioneer Press reports.

It turned out a neighbor's house was burning.

When St. Paul firefighters arrived, another neighbor alerted them that a 17-year-old girl who lived in the house was usually home from school by then and might be inside. Sure enough, firefighters groping through the smoke-filled house found Daphine Scott unconscious in the last room they checked.

Doctors from Regions Hospital hurried to the scene and entered the smoldering building. One tells the Star Tribune Daphine was clinically dead when they got to her, but they were able to resuscitate her, nonetheless.

In the two months since the fire, it's been Daphine's turn to be heroic, as she's made a recovery described as miraculous by the head of pediatric intensive care at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Last week she was finally released from her rehab center, though she continues her recovery as an outpatient.

So Janella Scott had plenty of people to thank Tuesday when she came to the fire station to express gratitude to those who saved her daughter.

Including a certain stubborn five-year-old.

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