Mom vs. Target: Tweet to retailer about sexism in toy aisle takes off


Take a good look at the tweet above.

It's been shared thousands of times, made it into news stories across the country, and has Target explaining its merchandising practices.

The Twitter user, Akron, Ohio mom of three Abi Betchel, told the Huffington Post she spotted the sign while shopping in Target's toy section and felt it was sexist against girls.

She told the website that the message of the sign is, essentially, "'we know you wouldn't otherwise look for toys for girls over here with the building sets – this is boy territory.'"

In response, the Minneapolis-based retailer issued a statement to ABC 5 in Cleveland, saying such marketing was the result of testing that showed its customers preferred a "variety of indicators" – including age and gender – to help them make shopping decisions.

Nevertheless, many Twitter users supported Bechtel, who wryly describes herself as a feminist on her profile page. A few of those shout-outs:

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