Mom who gave medical marijuana to ailing son seeks dismissal of charges


A western Minnesota mother charged with child endangerment for giving medical marijuana to her son urged a court to dismiss the case Wednesday.

Angela Brown of Madison, Minnesota, says the cannabis oil she gives her 15-year-old son provides some relief from the chronic pain and seizures Trey Brown has suffered since he sustained a brain injury a few years ago.

A Minnesota law that takes effect July 1 will legalize medicinal uses of marijuana for patients with certain ailments. Until then, marijuana use is illegal in the state.

The West Central Tribune has video of a news conference in which Angela Brown's lawyer, Michael Hughes, explains that he urged the court to dismiss the case "in the interest of justice."

The Lac Qui Parle County Attorney charged Brown with two gross misdemeanors for involving her son in a drug transaction.

Brown says the cannabis oil she gives Trey was purchased legally from a marijuana dispensary in Colorado. She reportedly rejected a deal offered by prosecutors before pleading not guilty in September.

Brown's case has drawn national attention. KSTP reported this week on an online petition calling for dismissal of the criminal charges has more than 9,000 signees.

The station spoke with a protester holding a "Stop Arresting Patients" sign outside the Lac Qui Parle County courthouse Wednesday, who said he drove from his home in Michigan overnight to be on hand to support Brown.

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Angela Brown told the Star Tribune there's been dramatic improvement for Trey since he began using the cannabis oil. She tells the newspaper that in the past his muscle spasms sometimes left him curled in the fetal position and he was in so much pain he had taken to punching walls or himself, breaking his own nose and cracking a collarbone.

KSTP says additional court documents to be filed in January will include the County Attorney's reponse to the motion for dismissal Brown filed Wednesday.

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