Mom who lost husband, daughter and unborn son in crash is now dead

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A mother seriously injured in a Monday crash that claimed the lives of her husband, 1-year-old daughter and unborn child has died.

Elizabeth Calderara, a 26-year-old from Cannon Falls, was only being kept alive by the aid of life support.

Her mother, Suzanne Brantly, announced that Elizabeth was declared brain dead.

"Her heart is still beating and she is still on a ventilator in order to keep her heart and organs alive until the surgeons of the organ recipients are able to arrive," her mom said on Thursday. "Because her brain stopped before her heart, she will be able to gift her whole heart to someone in need instead of just her heart valves."

The crash occurred on Monday after Elizabeth's husband Jason Calderara began to pass a vehicle on a two-way highway in Dakota County, the Star Tribune reported.

He cut back at the last second, but it caused an oncoming minivan to drive onto the shoulder, which in turn caused a following semitrailer truck to brake and jackknife, crashing into the Calderaras’ vehicle.

Jason and their 1-year-old daughter Melody died in the crash and their unborn son died in the hospital.

A memorial service for the family will be held on Sunday afternoon in Prior Lake.

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