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Monday's 'extra-super moon' to be biggest and closest to Earth since 1948

You could say it's a super-duper moon.

Here's some motivation to get out of bed early Monday morning. The moon is going to be massive, and NASA says it's going to be an "extra-super moon" since it'll be the biggest and closest to the Earth in nearly 70 years.

While there's some disagreement, a moon is generally considered "super" if it fits the definition of a "new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit,” according to EarthSky. says Monday's supermoon will be at its closest point to the earth at 6:15 a.m. EST – which is 5:15 a.m. in Minnesota. The moon will be 221,524 miles away, the closest since 1948.

And the moon won't be this close to Earth again until 2034, scientists project.

Is it really that super-duper?


The moon is going to look 14 percent bigger than usual, according to RT.

But the New York Times says casual viewers might not be able to tell a difference between this supermoon and any other full moon.

There was just a supermoon less than a month ago. And there will be another one Dec. 14. Granted they won't be as close, they'll still be "super."

If you are planning to get up for the supermoon and want to take some good pictures for Instagram and Facebook, NASA has some tips here.

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