ND pharmacy prescribes 'Monster Spray' to help children sleep

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What's the best way to banish monsters from hiding under the bed? A pair of North Dakota pharmacists have a solution.

Jeff Dodds and his adult daughter Josslyn Dodds, both pharmacists, have prescribed "Monster Spray" to a few children who said they were having trouble sleeping because of monsters, ABC News reports.

The prescription is very convincing – the spray comes in a blue medicine spray bottle complete with instructions telling patients to “Spray around the room at night before bed. Repeat as necessary.” It comes with 120 sprays and allows for one refill.

The Dodds, employees at Barrett Pharmacy in Watford City, came up with the idea after hearing stories of children who couldn't sleep because of monsters. Josslyn Dodd told the Huffington Post they have prescribed the spray for the past five years for a handful of children with similar fears.

“It’s 100 percent safe and it works amazingly,” Josslyn Dodds told ABC News. “It really seems to get rid of the monsters."

Children seem convinced by the realistic-looking prescription label, parents who have used it say.

“I had to put it in the prescription bottle. She wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t come from the pharmacy with the label," Austin Johnson, a pharmacy technician at Barrett Pharmacy, told the Huffington Post. She recently gave the spray to a friend.

The friend's 6-year-old daughter sprayed the prescribed spray for three nights before finally being convinced she’d gotten rid of them, the Huffington Post reports.

The pharmacy wouldn't reveal what they put in the spray to keep the pesky monsters away, but they appreciate all the attention.

A grateful parent initially posted a photo of the spray on Facebook, ABC News reports. Many sources credit HOT 96 FM's Facebook post of the spray for triggering all the attention.

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