Moorhead students hope retweets will add up to a canceled math final

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Imagine having a really big test in every one of your classes in the same week.

Oh, wait ... that's what finals are.

Wish you could shrink the number of tests by one? A little birdie says some Moorhead High School students have a chance to do that.

Their teacher has agreed to cancel their trigonometry final if their photo is retweeted 50,000 times. And they're busily spreading that message through Twitter.

Similar agreements to cancel finals if a certain retweet threshold is reached have been spreading around the country this spring. One at Red Rock High School near Austin, Texas, was featured by ABC News and may have helped fuel the trend. Only 15,000 retweets needed to cancel that final in an art class.

A Los Angeles Times story on the trend notes that a recent report card on national test results found American high school students are not doing so well, particularly in math.

Nonetheless, the #nofinal hash tag is chock full of teachers posing with hopeful students entreating Twitter followers to spread the word.

In some cases celebrities have been enlisted to help the cause, as with hockey star Jack Johnson of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Bloggers who have turned their ire on this fad include Bob Collins of MPR News, whose post is labeled "Lazy stuents, teachers turn to Twitter to avoid finals."

Johnny McNulty writing at HappyPlace thinks teachers may have set the retweet bar too low. ("Ashton Kutcher could sit on his phone and the resulting 140 commas would get 15,000 retweets.")

If students do meet the requisite number of retweets will they really be excused from taking a final?

Red Rock High in Texas may be the test case, with a total that is bearing down on the needed 15,000. But Austin television station KVUE reports the school district issued a statement clarifying that all students will be taking their final exams at the end of the month.

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