More beer for breakfast: General Mills teams up to make Count Chocula beer


It's round two for General Mills, creating beer that tastes like breakfast cereal.

The Golden Valley-based food giant is helping a Colorado brewery on a beer that tastes like Count Chocula cereal, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reports.

Just last week, General Mills said it would team up with Minneapolis-based Fulton Brewery on a limited edition Wheaties beer, a hefeweizen-style brew that will be called HefeWheaties.

The newest collaboration is with Black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado, which is brewing a small batch of Cerealiously Count Chocula beer that will be available on tap starting Aug. 25, the Coloradan reports.

General Mills will supply all the Count Chocula cereal the brewery needs. That's an improvement from last year - the first time around for the special brew - when the owner of the brewery bought up all the Count Chocula that was available in several grocery stores in the area, notes.

Some Colorado fans of the chocolate and marshmallow cereal were unhappy they couldn't find it locally, since General Mills only releases its monster-themed cereals like Count Chocula and Boo Berry for a few months in the fall, to tie in with Halloween, according to the Business Journal.

So now, Fort Collins residents can have their chocolate cereal and drink their chocolate-flavored beer, too.

“(General Mills) sent all the Count Chocula cereal for this last batch,” Black Bottle owner Sean Nook told the Coloradan. “We are really lucky to have gotten it over a month ago.”

The beer will also make an appearance at the Great American Beer Festival in October.

Nook said cereal beer T-shirts and General Mills merchandise will be available for purchase at his Fort Collins brewery and at the beer festival.

The Count Chocula beer will also be sold in bottles before Halloween, he told the Coloradan.

Black Bottle has other brews in its Cerealiously series, including beers made from Lucky Charms (for St. Patrick's Day), Cap'n Crunch and Golden Grahams.

The brewers apparently put the cereal in a hop basket so pieces of it don't get in the beer, said the Coloradan.

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