More charges added for man accused of armed robbery, killing in Mendota Heights

His alleged crime spree led to a three-day manhunt to find him.
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The man accused of shooting a woman in the head after an armed robbery in Mendota Heights is now facing first-degree murder charges. 

His alleged crime spree led to a three-day manhunt before he was finally arrested.

Lucifer Nguyen, 44, was indicted by a grand jury in connection to the death of 48-year-old Beverly Cory on July 29, the Dakota County Attorney's Office said Friday. 

Nguyen faces a bunch of new charges

Nguyen had previously been charged with second-degree murder, but the grand jury's indictment upgrades the charges against him. Minnesota law requires a grand jury – not the county attorney – to indict someone on any charge that carries a mandatory life sentence if convicted, like first-degree murder.

The new charges against Nguyen include: first-degree, premeditated murder; first-degree murder while committing aggravated robbery; second-degree, intentional murder; and second-degree murder while committing aggravated robbery. 

Nguyen was also charged with several more crimes on Oct. 12, which are detailed in two separate criminal complaints (read them here and here). Among them: burglary, aggravated robbery, assault and kidnapping. 

Nguyen will make his first court appearance on all of these new charges on Oct. 23 at 10 a.m. 

What he's accused of doing

According to the charges against him, Nguyen broke into a home in Mendota Heights on July 29, where he used a handgun to demand money from a woman who was home with her 2-year-old grandchild.

When police were responding to the armed home invasion report at about 9 a.m. on July 29, they spotted Nguyen's vehicle and tried to pull him over, but he drove off, charges say.

Nguyen crashed his car into a pond, and then at about 9:07 a.m. he "forced his way" into a nearby senior care facility, which was subsequently evacuated.

As residents were being evacuated, police got a report that there was "blood seeping out" from underneath an office door at the office park across the street.

That's where they found Cory, who had died of a single gunshot wound to the head, charges say.

Police arrested Nguyen three days later.

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