More exciting than watching grass grow: City needs bike counters

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The city of St. Paul is seeking volunteers for a job that Sesame Street's The Count would love: "One bicycle. Two bicycles! THREE bicycles! Ah ah ah."

Looking to better understand its traffic patterns, the city is recruiting people to help count bikes and pedestrians at key places around St. Paul from 4-6 p.m. on Sept. 9, the city says. A rain date of Sept. 11 has been set.

City officials say the data will help guide their decisions about investments in infrastructure projects, and they hope to learn more about what effects previous investments have had.

City officials are looking to gather data over time; a similar count was done at 30 spots last year. You can access the data from the 2013 count here.

Of the locations surveyed in the two-hour analysis last year, the top bicycling spots were:

1. Marshall Avenue Bridge (330)
2. Summit Avenue east of Fairview Avenue S (268)
3. U of M Transitway west of Energy Park Drive (225)
4. Ford Parkway Bridge (211)
5. Summit Ave east of Dale Street North (168)

The top pedestrian spots:

1. Lexington Parkway South south of East Como Lake Drive (296)
2. Summit Avenue east of Fairview Avenue S (214)
3. Smith Avenue west of Kellogg Boulevard W (210)
4. Summit Avenue east of Western (158)
5. Mississippi River Boulevard south of Jefferson (154)

Click here to check out a volunteer training presentation and a list of things to bring. To volunteer, email organizer Luke Hanson at

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