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More from Target: Beware of phishing emails, TCF suggests canceling REDcards


In the ongoing aftermath of a data security breach that may have affected as many as 40 million customers, Target has issued a new warning: Watch out for phishing emails.

The Associated Press reports, via the Washington Post, Target says it has learned of some incidents of scam emails related to its recent data breach - believed to have happened between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15 - and is setting up a section of its corporate website to post copies of all official communication.

The company says it is aware of “limited instances” of scam emails, reports WCCO. Spokeswoman Molly Snyder says the company doesn’t have any other specifics to provide about the fake emails.

This news comes in the wake that the Minneapolis-based retailer is working with state attorneys general across the country to keep them updated on the situation.

Also in the mix is the U.S. attorney general, who has stepped in to investigate.

Meanwhile, TCF Bank is telling customers cancel or replace Target debit cards linked to TCF accounts, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

So far the bank has not noticed a surge in fraud related to the Target data theft, TCF spokesman Mark Goldman tells MPR. He said the advice about Target cards is just precautionary.

"This suggestion from TCF is limited to TCF customers who have REDcards. If they have a Target-issued REDcard, we are advising them at this point to either cancel that card or to detach their TCF checking account from that card," Goldman said.

TCF is not advising customers to replace TCF debit cards used at Target during the data theft. Target and credit card issuers say people will not be responsible for unauthorized transactions.

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