More than 20,000 MN Walmart workers get a pay raise tomorrow

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More than 20,000 Walmart workers in Minnesota will get a pay rise this week.

The retail giant is making what it says is the "largest single-day private sector pay increase ever," that will see 1.2 million Walmart and Sam's Club employees across the country more generously rewarded.

The pay rises, part of a two-year, $2.7 billion investment in higher pay and "clearer career paths" for workers, was implemented on Feb. 20 and will arrive in employee bank accounts on Thursday.

Under the changes, workers hired before Jan. 1 this year will get at least $10 an hour, while new entry-level workers will get $9 an hour before moving up to $10 once they've completed their training.

Those already earning more than $10 an hour got their annual pay increase last month, instead of having to wait until their work anniversary dates.

WCCO reports it will see pay bumps for 20,300 Walmart and Sam's Club workers in Minnesota, of whom 8,400 work in the Twin Cities.

Eligible workers nationally will also get quarterly cash bonuses based on their stores' performance, while in Minnesota those same workers will get a share of more than $2.4 million in bonus state stores earned in the 4th quarter, the TV station notes.

Walmart says in its news release it will bring the average full-time average wage to $13.38 an hour, and the average part-time wage to $10.58 an hour.

It's also making changes to its PTO policy, bringing vacation, holiday, personal, and sick time into one category, with workers able to carry over up to 80 hours from year-to-year. It's also scrapped the one-day notice it required to use PTO in the case of illness.

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