More than 200k signed up for coverage by the deadline, MNsure says

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New enrollment numbers out Wednesday from the state health insurance exchange show more than 200,000 people signed up for public and private health insurance through MNsure.

MNsure’s interim CEO, Scott Leitz says he’s pleased to see the numbers.

“I’m proud to announce today that 200,174 Minnesotans have enrolled in health insurance through MNsure,” Leitz says.

“This number represents real people — some who finally have coverage despite preexisting conditions, parents whose children can be treated by a pediatrician, and individuals who would have been financially burdened without affordable coverage with a public program.”

April 22 was the last opportunity for most people who experienced technical problems buying insurance through exchange.

Anyone wishing to sign up must now wait until open enrollment begins again on November 15, 2014, and may be subject to a tax penalty.

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MNsure’s new tally includes 50,096 who enrolled in commercial plans sold through the state health exchange.

In October, MNsure set a goal of enrolling nearly 70,000 in commercial policies during the open enrollment period that ended March 31.

Earlier projections suggested even more people would use the exchange to buy private coverage, Pioneer Press reports. 

When MNsure released enrollment numbers last week, the overall tally stood at 188,835 enrollments as of April 15.

MNsure recently hired Deloitte Consulting LLP to overhaul overhaul its troubled website and computer systems. Read more about the deal.

The exchange has come under increasing state and federal scrutiny for its troubled rollout. Read more about the scrutiny here.

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