More than 300K Minnesotans had data compromised in Anthem breach


The personal information of more than 300,000 Minnesotans may have been stolen by hackers who breached healthcare giant Anthem earlier this month.

Minnesota's Department of Commerce says an estimated 206,800 Minnesotans with health plans taken out through Anthem and its subsidiaries could have their social security numbers at risk as a result of the data breach.

A further 106,800 are likely to have had other data compromised, such as their names, health ID numbers, dates of births, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, income data and employment information.

The cyberattack is expected to have impacted more than 80 million people nationwide, most of whom will be members of the Blue Cross Blue Shield health plans Anthem runs in 14 states, with other brands Caremore, Unicare, Amerigroup, Healthlink and DeCare also affected.

Minnesota hasn't been as badly hit as other states, because its Blue Cross Blue Shield plan is not run by Anthem.

But many of the 300,000-plus whose data has been compromised will be on Anthem health plans offered by employers who are headquartered in other states – a list of which can be found here.

What should you do if you're affected?

The Department of Commerce says anyone who thinks they may have been affected by the breach should monitor their accounts and credit reports to check that their details haven't been used to take out credit.

Anthem has also warned consumers to be aware of phishing scams designed to get more personal information through emails that look as though they are from Anthem, asking them to "click here" for credit monitoring.

"These emails are NOT from Anthem," the company says on its data breach help page.

Those who think they might be affected by the breach should call Anthem's toll-free helpline on 877-263-7995, visit its Anthem Facts website, or call the Minnesota Department of Commerce on 651-539-1600.

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