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More trouble for Target with gift card activation snag


FOX 9 called it "another black eye for the bullseye," but this problem is not related to the widespread data breach that hit the retail giant in the midst of the holiday shopping season.

The station reports that as many as 40,000 gift cards sold over the holidays weren't properly activated. That's created hassles at the checkout counter as shoppers try to redeem their cards only to find out they weren't properly processed and so show no value. The story said that the problem was caused when Target cashiers scanned the wrong code on the cards.

Customers who call Target to resolve the issue are sent to a call center that is already backed up because of the massive problem involving the data breach. Target is advising those with unactivated gift cards to go to the service desk in one of the stores for resolution.

Meanwhile, the Pioneer Press reports that social media sites have spread the word of the data breach. The newspaper said that on Dec. 19, the day news of the problem broke, more than 160,000 Twitter users tweeted about Target. To put that in perspective, the story said that there were some 90,000 Target-related tweets about Target on Black Friday.

Those numbers, compiled by social-media analytics company Crimson Hexagon, show that bad news really does travel fast. The company's research shows that the top 10 words in the later Target-related tweets were breach, card, data, credit, stolen, debit, security, million, cards and customers.

Target spokespeople continue to advise shoppers to monitor statements and report any suspicious activity. Debit-card holders have been urged to change their Personal Identification Number, or PIN.

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