More unrest at St. Cloud Tech as Somali students walk out in protest again


There was more unrest at St. Cloud's Technical High School Friday as "dozens" of Somali students walked out of the building for the second time this week.

The Star Tribune reports racial tensions between Somali and non-Somali students bubbled over again, with outraged Somali pupils saying school officials had not done enough to stop them being victimized.

The newspaper reports that state troopers and local police were called to the school at around noon after reports of a fight and stood guard behind the front door while the rest of the school was on lockdown.

It follows a similar protest on Wednesday, where more than 100 students demonstrated outside the building in response to the lack of action taken over an alleged bullying incident in which a Snapchat message portrayed a disabled Somali student as a member of terrorist group ISIS.

One senior student was arrested during Wednesday's protest, but the St. Cloud Times says Friday's incident never reached a criminal level, with officers in position to calm the situation.

The newspaper notes that administrators met with Tech students through Thursday, with a larger meeting planned on Friday as they attempt to come to solve the issues facing students from the city's growing East African population.

The unrest appears to have extended to the district's other high school, Apollo, which has also had issues with Somalis being harassed in the past, was placed "in containment" for several hours on Thursday, and WJON reports this continued into Friday.

The Tech school was initially placed into lockdown on Friday after police were called to a disturbance call at 11.15 a.m., but this was later downgraded to containment, allowing limited movement for students, according to the radio station.

"Every single day something happens," one of the protestors, called Omar, tells the Star Tribune. "Somali kids being treated like crap. ... We go to [administrators] and nothing happens.”

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