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More weapons seized from Twin Cities students as handgun, knife found at school


The discovery of an unloaded gun and a knife has raised more concerns about the number of weapons being brought to Twin Cities schools.

The Pioneer Press reports that acting on information from other students, officials at St. Paul's Central High School found an unloaded handgun in one student's car and a knife in another's backpack Friday morning.

Principal Mary Mackbee sent a recorded phone message to parents Friday afternoon, saying: "This is a very serious situation. And as you know I will not tolerate any behavior that puts our community at risk."

The newspaper says this is the latest in a number of violent or potentially violent incidents at St. Paul schools in recent months, which includes weapons being brought to the campus, fighting among students, and the use of stun guns and chemical irritants by police officers.

According to the Star Tribune, the knife and gun are the second and third weapons found at Central High School this year, with six weapons reported at St. Paul Public Schools this fall in total – with Humboldt and Johnson high schools among those affected.

District spokeswoman Toya Stewart Downey said the school is "grateful" to the students who reported the weapons.

Also last month, a student brought a loaded handgun to the Harding High School, which was found in his backpack on Oct. 21.

It comes on the back of officials in the Minneapolis school district issuing a stern "not in our schools" warning after a student was arrested for also bringing a loaded handgun to Patrick Henry High School.

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