More women joining ranks of Minnesota hunters


KSTP-TV reports that more and more women are taking up hunting in Minnesota.

The station cites some older data: In 2005, 43,470 women bought hunting licenses in Minnesota, a number that jumped to 55,011 in 2010, a 21 percent increase.

KSTP talks to Melissa Bachman, who has traveled the globe on hunting trips and has the world record for the largest red stag shot with a bow by a woman.

"I love going out and seeing little girls. Seeing people and getting them involved. Showing them it's completely normal. You can be a girl... you can go hunt," Bachman tells KSTP.

Nationwide, only 11 percent of hunters were female in 2011 (about 1.5 million women), according to a recent Census report.

But women make up the fastest growing segment of hunters and shooters, according to an analysis done by Southwick Associates, which analyzes fish and wildlife statistics. The No. 1 reason women cited for their interest in the sport: being outdoors, the analysis found.

Hunting equipment manufacturers and outdoor retailers are now targeting women, the Rapid City Journal notes in a story about female hunters.

The Star Tribune last year noted that female hunters are still a relatively small minority in Minnesota.

About 56,000, or 11 percent, of the state's 500,000 deer hunters were female, the newspaper reported. About 12,000, or 4 percent, of the 290,000 small-game hunters, were female, according to the Department of Natural Resources license data.

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