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More women tapping into Minnesota's beer industry


Minnesota's beer industry insiders say women are increasingly playing a bigger part in the state's once male-dominated craft breweries, KARE 11 reports.

The station doesn't cite specific statistics, but says observers have noted a shift toward more female brewers. KARE chats with Rachel Anderson, 35, who last year during her pregnancy launched Indeed Brewing in Minneapolis with two male colleagues, and Rachel Grey, 29, of the Herkimer Pub and Brewery in Minneapolis.

Minnesota now has about 50 breweries and the number is increasing, according to the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild.

Last year, the state's craft brewery production jumped 81 percent, the second-fastest increase of any state in the nation. (Here's a map from the New Yorker that helps show how Minnesota's thriving beer scene is growing faster than in most other states.)

Here's the KARE 11 story:

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