Mosquito news: Worst may be over in Minn. while Wis. sees first West Nile case

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Here's the buzz about mosquitoes.

The Star Tribune reports that mosquito counts have been running as much as three times the average this summer. The newspaper found that the long winter and late spring pushed back the hatching patterns of the pests and they are all arriving at once instead of over a series of weeks.

The good news is the backlog of hatches has caught up, so the worst is likely behind us.

August is prime season for the spread of the West Nile virus and the first human case has shown up in Wisconsin. The Associated Press reports that it was diagnosed in a Dane County resident.

Last year, 57 Wisconsin residents contracted West Nile virus, the highest number of cases since surveillance of the disease began. There were 70 confirmed cases in Minnesota.

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Health officials brace for spike in West Nile cases

Mosquito-friendly Minnesota is ranked No. 9 among states for West Nile cases this year (20 cases and one death). Health officials nationwide expect there could be a sharp rise in West Nile virus cases as the disease peaks over the next six weeks. They worry that this year's high case count could be just a taste of the future, as changing weather patterns allow the mosquitoes that carry the deadly disease to flourish.