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Most anticipated cargo headed to Minnesota astronaut? Chocolate


Astronaut Karen Nyberg is looking forward to opening a particular piece of cargo aboard the resupply ship that will blast off for the International Space Station Wednesday: chocolate.

The Vining, Minnesota, native who's been in space since May tells the Associated Press astronauts are human beings "... and we get very excited about the packages from home and some of the treats that we might get."

The ship scheduled to launch on Wednesday will be the first sent to the Station by a company called Orbital Sciences Corp. Instead of loading the test flight with lots of expensive scientific equipment, the AP says Orbital is keeping the stakes low by sending up a batch of food and treats. Nyberg says in the story that fresh-baked goods would be appreciated, but the four-day flight time makes that less practical than chocolate for stocking a care package.

The Los Angeles Times reports NASA has noticed how quickly astronauts devour fresh produce when it arrives and is testing a system that would allow lettuce and other plants to grow on the Space Station. For now, though, sweets not salad are in the crystal ball for Nyberg and two fellow Earth-orbiters.

The trio has another two months remaining in their space mission. NASA says they'll be joined next week by three new crew members, to bring the Station to its full complement of six.

Do the new guys know about the chocolate?

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