Mother of teen who died after wisdom teeth surgery writes emotional post

Sydney Galleger went into cardiac arrest during the procedure.
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It's been more than two years since 17-year-old Sydney Galleger died.

The Eden Prairie teen was having what was supposed to be routine surgery to remove her wisdom teeth when she went into cardiac arrest. 

Now, her mother is opening up about that day in a heartbreaking account posted on a CaringBridge page created for Sydney.

The post written by Diane Galleger – titled "Justice for Syd/Healing Hand of God" – goes over her account of what happened the day of the surgery.

"I walked back to the office with Sydney where her surgery would take place, stayed for a minute and then I made my way back to the waiting room. Little did I know, that would be the last time I would ever see her beautiful smile or hear the laughter in her voice," she writes.

From there, she details the efforts to see if something was wrong biologically; a heart condition, for example. But nothing ever came up. And it wasn't until Diane Galleger got a call from a Star Tribune reporter that she heard the doctor in charge of the surgery – Paul Tompach – had his license suspended for not providing appropriate care during Sydney's procedure.

Diane Galleger claims Dr. Tompach didn't take Sydney's vitals beforehand, did nothing when her lips began turning blue during the surgery, left her in the room alone while waiting for paramedics, and wasn't using a $12 piece of equipment that could have alerted them if the teenager stopped breathing.

Sydney's parents recently agreed to a $2 million settlement with Tompach, ABC News reports. The doctor did not admit wrongdoing. With his license restored, he's now working with the University of Minnesota's dentistry school, the Star Tribune says.

Diane Galleger's entire post is on CaringBridge and worth your time to read – click here to go there.

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