Mother of two dead infants agrees to civil commitment


A Minnesota woman accused of leaving her dead newborns on land owned by her family in South Dakota has agreed to a voluntary mental health commitment, the Associated Press reports.

Following a hearing Friday at the Chippewa County Courthouse in Montevideo, the attorney for the 34-year-old mother told the Marshall Independent that her client agreed to six months of treatment. She could be committed to an additional six months if hospital staff recommends it, the paper says.

According to court documents, the woman held a gun to her head when South Dakota authorities collected her DNA at her Clarkfield home on Aug. 13. While Officers struggled with her, the gun fired into the ceiling, but no one was injured.

Prosecutors have not charged the woman with a crime. However, her attorney tells the Marshall Independent that the commitment does not impact any possible legal charges which may be filed in connection with the death of the newborns or pointing a firearm.

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