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Mountain Dew wing sauce – yep, Buffalo Wild Wings is trying it


Mountain Dew will no longer be contained in a can or bottle, and will instead get slathered all over your chicken wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings will offer a Mountain Dew-based wing sauce available for a limited time in advance of college football's Jan. 1 Citrus Bowl, Bloomberg reports.

The flavor will be made with Mountain Dew, plus lemongrass, ginger, red peppers and soy sauce, the publication says.

It's apparently an attempt to appeal to younger people (millennials and Gen Z, as the youngest group is apparently called) "who've grown up on bolder flavors and prefer to tailor meals to their own tastes," Bloomberg writes.

That's not the only sauce flavor pointed toward youth, though.

Earlier this week, the Golden Valley-based restaurant chain announced it was bringing back two limited edition flavors based on Twitter votes: Ghost Peppers and Bourbon Honey Mustard.

And in June, Business Insider reported the company has been investing more in its sauce lab. Bloomberg says sauces are a relatively cheap, efficient way to offer new options without adding a new menu item.

As for Mountain Dew, the Business Journal notes Buffalo Wild Wings debuted a Dew-centric cocktail a couple years ago.

Mountain Dew and millennials

Mountain Dew is frequently seen as the go-to drink for gamers (with a side of Doritos), which Kotaku says is likely due to its frequent partnership with franchises such as "Call of Duty" and "Halo."

But PepsiCo, which puts out the soda, has been targeting millennials specifically in recent years.

The New Yorks Times mentioned the brand's "breakfast drink" Kickstart – a mix of Mountain Dew and fruit juice aimed at young people. The brand also looked to tap into the craft look millennials seem drawn to, releasing the cane sugar-sweetend DewShine, Yahoo Finance reported.

And millennials are becoming ever more important for brands. They're set to become the largest living age group this year, Pew Research found.

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