Move over Google – young people would rather work for this MN company


Google has a stunning complex in Palo Alto, complete with "business" hammocks, slides, and relaxation pods.

But it's no longer the company American millennials most want to work for.

That's right, the tech giant Google has been relegated to second. And in its place, making its first appearance on the list and going straight to No. 1 ... is Maplewood-based 3M.

3M is best known for its world-famous brands Scotch and Post-It, but the self-professed "science-based" firm makes a huge range of products for industry, business and consumer uses. It also recently opened up a $150 million research and development facility.

The top five is rounded out by Google, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, Walt Disney Co. and local hospitals.

The "most desirable places to work" survey was carried out by the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS), and they spoke with 15- to 32-year-olds.

Why is 3M No. 1?

According to Forbes, 3M's appearance follows a concerted effort by the company to appeal to younger professionals.

"The 3M Science Applied To Life campaign has gotten a lot of attention,” NSHSS vice president Beth Pann told Forbes. "If you look at our members, in terms of their interest in the STEM fields – 30 percent are interested in pursuing science, 21 percent with technology and engineering – it’s a really strong fit with 3M and the innovative ideas and solutions that company is coming out with."

"One of the great aspects of 3M is that we offer people the opportunity to develop work experiences in multiple businesses and geographies around the world and improve lives through science," Marlene McGrath, senior vice president at 3M Human Resources, said in a press release.

Other Minnesota-based companies that made it on to the list were the Mayo Clinic in 13th, UnitedHealth in 33rd, Target at 55th and General Mills at 105th.

The survey of 13,000 teenagers and adults that comprise the millennial generation saw them identify what attracts them most to an employer.

These tables show the most important things these workers are looking for:

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