Movin' on up: Minnesota climber closer to the summit


This morning the expedition website for Lonnie Dupre said the Grand Marais climber slept at 17,200 feet overnight on Alaska's Mount McKinley. That's the same height he reached in a 2011 expedition when he had to turn back because of harsh conditions and dwindling supplies.

It's Dupre's third effort to reach the summit America’s highest peak on a solo winter trek. He failed in two previous attempts when weather conditions proved too severe. As he moves ahead, he will exceed the height he reached in the other efforts.

The Duluth News Tribune reported Dupre, 51, was able to shuttle gear through whiteout conditions from his camp at 14,200 feet to 15,200 feet on Thursday. From there he had to ascend a steep incline called “The Headwall” and then traverse a narrow spine with steep drop-offs on either side.

Dupre began his most recent expedition on Jan. 8. He is making a documentary film called “Cold Love” as he climbs, to call attention to climate change.

Mount McKinley, also called Denali, is 20,320 feet high.

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