MPLS doesn't pass moratorium to stop Dinkytown development

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The Minneapolis city council failed Friday to pass a moratorium that would, in part, stop a controversial Dinkytown development.

The Star Tribune reports Council Member Diane Hofstede introduced the development moratorium for the four-block Dinkytown business district because of a controversial plan to build a 140-unit mixed use building on 5th Street.

The project, proposed by Opus Development Company, features 140 apartments and ground-level retail. It would be built at 5th Street SE between 13th and 14th Avenues, on a plot of land that is now about 70 percent surface parking lots.

The proposal immediately set off controversy, coming on the heels of a development that was just approved by the city council for a similar redevelopment in Dinkytown, prompting a campaign of neighbors and activists to start a "Save Dinkytown" campaign.

“The purpose of [the moratorium] is not to protect surface parking lots, I want to make that clear," Hofstede said, according to the Star Tribune. "The purpose of it is to protect the planning process."

Council Member Gary Schiff said it was clear that the moratorium was specifically targeting the new project, proposed by developer Kelly Doran.

The final vote on the moratorium was tied 6-6, which means it automatically failed. The 13th member of the council, Lisa Goodman, was absent on city business.

Here's how the votes went, says the Strib: Voting in favor were Council Members Hofstede, Cam Gordon, Kevin Reich, Sandy Colvin Roy, Meg Tuthill and Barb Johnson. The measure was opposed by council members Betsy Hodges, Don Samuels, Gary Schiff, Robert Lilligren, John Quincy and Elizabeth Glidden.

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