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Mpls. wood shop transforms unwanted urban trees


Millions of trees across the United States are being cut down and destroyed because of the emerald ash borer infestation, but Minnesota Public Radio reports some are being saved in the Twin Cities. Wood from the Hood in Minneapolis is turning unwanted trees from urban neighborhoods into hardwood flooring, cutting boards and picture frames.

"It's a lot of really cool looking wood," co-owner Rick Siewert told MPR. "There's a character grade here. Stuff that you're not going to see out of the forest, the gnarly different grains, really neat grain patterns and just the variety that you get from the city."

Forestry crews removed roughly 400 ash trees from the Fort Snelling Golf Club earlier this month because of emerald ash borer.

Next month, St. Paul will begin cutting down more ash trees as it works to slow the spread of the infestation, MinnPost reports.

Click here, to learn more about the "structured removal" plan.

KSTP reported St. Paul has already removed nearly 4,000 public boulevard ash trees since 2009.

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