MSP airport to consider electronic pulltabs


The airport authority will consider installing electronic pulltab games at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to help boost revenue for the state's $348 million share of the new Vikings stadium, the Associated Press reports.

The airport authority meets Monday to consider installing six of the games in airport terminals where paper pulltabs are already sold. The news service says MSP is the state's largest vendor of lottery tickets.

An economic report released last week showed e-pulltabs have brought in less money than projected since the games hit bars and restaurants in the fall.

Dayton said he's not worried because the gambling phase-in is still in the early stages and will pick up once companies who supply the devices meet state requirements.

The Gambling Control Board projected that 2,500 bars and restaurants will eventually have electronic pulltabs and at least 300 establishments would have them implemented by now. Currently, e-pulltabs can only be found at 75 locations in the state.

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