MSP earns spot on list of best U.S. cities for pizza


The Twin Cities is home to some of the best pizza in America. That's according to Travel & Leisure magazine, which ranked the Minneapolis-St. Paul area No. 6 on its list of 20 best American cities for pizza. Read what they had to say below:

Readers may have just discovered the Twin Cities’ array of classic and quirky pizzas: the metropolis climbed nine slots since last year. Punch Pizza, with several locations, has serious VPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana) street cred, while Pizza Luce interprets the dish more loosely, offering a “western pizza” with scrambled eggs, bacon, and peppers for brunch. The hottest newcomer is artisan-style Pizzeria Lola, opened by a Korean-American chef and featuring a short-ribs-powered Korean BBQ pizza. 

Chicago, Providence, New York, Philadelphia and Boston gobbled up the top five spots.

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