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Multitudes expected at malls for post-holiday sales


The day after Christmas is the year's busiest at the Mall of America, reports WCCO. The traffic is fueled by post-holiday deals, and shoppers eager to return or exchange their Christmas presents.

The trend developed in the last decade. This is the second year that business Dec. 26 is expected to top Black Friday sales at the MOA.

“It used to be a day of drudgery that people didn’t look forward to,” said Dan Jasper, vice president of public relations at MOA. “Now, our guests really enjoy it because they can take advantage of great sales and often they have gift cards burning a hole in their pocket.”

USA Today calls Thursday the "last holiday sale of 2013." Retailers hoping for a post-Christmas surge are pricing merchandise at least as competitively as before the holidays.

"This is an especially big time for people who got gift cards to come and spend on what they didn't get for Christmas," says Sarah McKinney, a Wal-Mart spokeswoman. It's the single-most popular day to redeem Target gift cards, says spokesman Antoine LaFromboise.

The Los Angeles Times says consumers will have pent-up demand after a stressful fall and a short Thanksgiving-to-Christmas shopping season.

"They'll wait and see what gifts they received and they they'll be tempted to go out and spend a bit on themselves," said Michelle Bogan, with consulting firm Kurt Salmon.

Nearly 80 percent of consumers said they would shop end-of-year sales, according to a survey done by RetailMeNot, a digital coupon marketplace.

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