Murder charges against teen dropped after he admitted covering for brother

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Murder charges against a Minnesota teenager who initially claimed he killed a man that had molested him have been dropped.

Valley News Live reports the first-degree premeditated murder charged and second-degree murder charge against the 16-year-old from Moorhead have both been dismissed.

He had originally confessed to the beating and killing of 55-year-old Brad Carrington at his trailer in north Moorhead, but later admitted he had lied to protect his brother, Anthony Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, 20, of Fargo, has been charged with second-degree murder without intent.

According to KVVR the teenager originally confessed to the murder on Oct. 18, saying he did it because Carrington had been sexually abusing him for the past "three or four years."

But court documents seen by the Fargo Forum say Rodriguez later told authorities he carried out the attack upon learning of his brother's abuse, and ended up "unintentionally" killing him.

One of Carrington's sisters told the newspaper her brother wasn't a child molester, and instead had been "taking care" of the 16-year-old.

Rodriguez and the teen's mother, Jolene Short, told the newspaper in a phone interview Thursday: "We forgive Brad Carrington for what happened, so he can go to the Lord."

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