Mylan is recalling a bunch of faulty EpiPens

This comes after the company recalled about 81,000 EpiPens in other countries.

If you have an EpiPen or EpiPen Jr., you might want to check and see if it's impacted by Mylan's big recall.

An EpiPen is a shot people can administer themselves if they have a life-threatening allergic reaction like anaphylactic shock. Mylan is the company that owns the epinephrin auto-injector.

According to Fortune, the company recalled about 81,000 EpiPens in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Japan last month.

As of Friday, the recall has been extended to the United States.

The Food and Drug Administration says some devices may contain a defective part that could prevent it from working correctly.

While there have been few reported failures, the FDA notes a malfunctioning EpiPen could be life-threatening.

The affected pens have expiration dates in April 2017, Sept. 2017, and Oct. 2017. You can see the detailed list of recalled products here.

If you have one of the recalled EpiPens, Mylan says it'll replace it for free.

To return your product, contact Stericycle at 877-650-3494. If you have recall-related questions, you can contact Mylan Customer Relations at 800-796-9526 or

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