Mystery drug in blue baggies possibly linked to two Mankato deaths


A 17-year-old high school junior from Mankato was taken off life support Monday, and police suspect it may be the second death in the past week caused by a mysterious substance.

The Mankato Free Press reports Mankato police suspect an illegal drug may be responsible for the death of the girl, identified by Mankato West High School as Chloe Moses. She had a seizure in her home on Saturday and was hospitalized at a Mankato hospital. She was later transferred to a Twin Cities hospital where she died Monday afternoon.

A still-unidentified 22-year-old Mankato man died on March 5 under similar circumstances.

FOX 9 reports police officers recovered similar blue baggies from the homes of both of the victims. Police said in both cases the bags were covered with golden king's crown images. Both packages were 2 inches wide and 2 inches long.

"We believe these baggies may have contained a substance in a pill or powder form, possibly synthetic LSD or synthetic cocaine, commonly called 2-C," said Mankato Public Safety Director Todd Miller. "We are concerned there may be more of this potentially deadly substance out there."

While police say they can't conclusively connect the deaths to the drugs at this time, KEYC reports that officers are concerned about the possibility that more of the substance is circulating.

"Anyone found to sell or provide this substance to another person, and if that person dies, could be charged with homicide," Miller said.

Miller added that anyone in possession of the substance or packaging should contact police. He also said they could drop the packages and drugs off anonymously using drug drop boxes at the Mankato Public Safety Center or the Blue Earth County Justice Center.

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