Mystery solved: Man confesses to 7-year-old cold case murder


A Minneapolis mother says she has found closure more than seven years after the unsolved murder of her teenaged son.

A story jointly produced by MPR News and KARE said that Tarius Gresham, 24, confessed to killing 17-year-old Sterling Horton in the summer of 2006.

"I'm happy," Doris Young, the teen's mother, said. "God made him confess, because he could have walked away from my son's murder."

According to the charges, Gresham, facing a rape charge from a 2012 incident, confessed to the Horton murder earlier this month. Prosecutors said that while suspects often talk about other crimes, it is unusual for a suspect to offer a confession. Authorities verified Gresham's claim and determined he was responsible in the teenager's death.

The Star Tribune reported that police officers found Horton shot to death on the street near North High School in July of 2006. Horton had been walking home from a friend’s house. At the time, investigators did not locate any suspects. The complaint said Gresham admitted to police that he had encountered Horton on the street and engaged him in a fight. The pair began throwing punches, then Gresham pulled a gun and shot Horton once in the neck.

Gresham was sentenced to 15 years in prison, which includes time for both the Horton murder and the rape conviction.

Doris Young is glad to know Gresham will be serve time.

"I saw the face that killed my son," she said. "I saw the young man's face."

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