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After narrow loss in 2016, Angie Craig looks to run again in MN 2nd district

She criticizes her opponent for his support of the GOP healthcare bills.

After losing to Republican Jason Lewis in one of the closest congressional races in Minnesota during last year's election, Angie Craig is looking to have another go in 2018.

The business executive-turned-DFL candidate announced on Monday she will once again be seeking the DFL endorsement to take on Lewis in Minnesota's 2nd congressional district next year.

Craig lost to Lewis by a margin of just 1.8 percent – 6,655 votes – in the November elections, which followed the retirement of 2nd District GOP incumbent John Kline.

In her announcement, Craig made a play for both sides of the political spectrum, saying: "We deserve a representative who will listen to everyone – even those we might disagree with – and then work to create a level playing field for every family."

She accuses Rep. Lewis of selling himself as being "an independent voice," only to march "in lockstep with President Trump and Congressional Republican leaders."

The ongoing controversy over GOP healthcare plans is one area she cites, accusing Lewis of voting "to increase premiums and deductibles, to raise costs dramatically for older Americans and to cut coverage for millions of Americans – all to give a tax cut to the rich."

"I’m ready to use my experience to work to lower healthcare costs and ensure every family has access to care. I’m ready to fight for public education and more affordable college and job training," she adds. "I’m ready to fight for good-paying jobs and for the Social Security and Medicare benefits that Minnesotans have already paid for."

Craig, a 45-year-old Eagan resident, is a former executive of Fortune 500 medical device company St. Jude Medical, where she worked for 10 years between 2005-2015. Also a former journalist, she has four children of college or high school age with her wife, Cheryl Greene.

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