Navy sailor Jacob Tyler, from Stillwater, is missing in Connecticut

The 24 year old hasn't been seen since Apr. 17.
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Police in Connecticut are searching for a Minnesota sailor who's been missing for five days.

The Groton Town Police Department issued an alert earlier this week to find Jacob E. Tyler.

The 24 year old is a U.S. Navy Sailor who lives locally, but is originally from Stillwater, Minnesota.

He was last seen on Wednesday morning, when he left in a 2014 blue Honda, and hasn't been seen since.

He's described as blonde with blue eyes, 5 feet 11 inches tall, and weighing about 220 pounds.

On Facebook, his mother, Barbara Tyler, who still lives in Stillwater, said her son never turned up for work on the USS North Dakota, docked at the Naval Submarine Base New London.

"Some facts don’t make sense but him just not showing up for work is the most important," she wrote. 

"The sub sailors, Navy CSI, Police are looking at everything, but nothing so far. no explanation, just nothing. I’m going there, going to stay in his room until found. Please PRAY again and again. I’ve been talking to God and Jake all day, I know they will hear your thoughts and prayers."

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