NCAA charges Rick Pitino with 'failure to monitor' Louisville program

NCAA says Rick Pitino should have known what was going on inside of Louisville basketball program.
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Allegations against the University of Louisville basketball program will apparently not leave Rick Pitino unscathed.

Thursday the NCAA charged the Hall of Fame basketball coach with failing to monitor a staff member. It's one of four Level I charges the NCAA announced after an investigation into Louisville's basketball program following allegations by a former escort.

The NCAA's Notice of Allegations levels one charge against Pitino, two against former director of basketball operations Andre McGee and another is aimed at former assistant Brandon Williams.

The charge mean that Pitino could face a steep penalty.

The allegations come from former escort Katina Powell's book, "Breaking Cardinal Rules." She claimed that McGee paid her and other escorts thousands of dollars and provided them with tickets to games in exchange for sex with recruits and players.

Pitino has repeatedly denied any knowledge of Powell's accusations. The NCAA did not claim that Pitino committed a violation, but alleged the coach "did not monitor" McGee or "spot-check" the program.

Pitino, Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich, and acting president Dr. Neville Pinto said they plan to dispute the charges against the coach.

That won't be easy though. The NCAA argues that not knowing is not a defense – they claim the head coach should have known.

According to ESPN, other coaches who have faced similar charges have seen multi-game suspensions – including Syracuse's Jim Boeheim who was suspended for nine games last year because of violations last year.

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